Ice Damming

image of ice dam on home

LeafGuard gutters do not cause nor prevent ice damming, icicles, or melted ice (water) backing in under shingles. Ice formation is mostly caused by factors not related to your gutter system. Rather, the issue starts further up on your roof by insufficient insulation/ventilation and other factors.

To minimize/prevent melted ice/snow from backing up under shingles and causing damage to soffits, exteriors, and other areas of your building, your roof should have an ice and water shield membrane under shingles extending 3 to 4 feet around the entire perimeter of the roof. This membrane protects the roof deck as well as portions of the fascia board to provide a watertight seal.

LeafGuard gutters will not eliminate or help eliminate ice formation or icicles on your eaves/soffits nor on the gutter nose itself. In fact, you will probably see more ice (icicles) on the outside of the LeafGuard gutters because conventional gutters tend to collect ice inside the gutter trough whereas LeafGuard is shaped so as to discourage anything from entering the trough except for liquid water. Therefore, it is normal to see icicles on the outside of the leafGuard gutter systems.

This condition can be severe in situations where there is excessive heat loss from your roof. If there isn’t adequate insulation or ventilation in your attic, the heat from your home starts melting the bottom layer of snow on your roof. Water runs down the roof and typically starts to freeze 6”- 12” above the gutter, on roof’s eave/soffit of the home. As this process happens over and over, ice will build up forming what is called an ice dam. As this ice and snows melts and runs down to the gutter, and if the temperature is below freezing, icicles and ice build-up will occur on the gutter hood.

Huge LeafGuard® Benefits- No Pull-away No Fall-off Warranty

Our no pull-away, no fall-off warranty guarantees that your gutters will stay attached to your home- if not, we will repair or replace at no charge.

To minimize the ice build-up at the rear top of the gutters, optional heat cables can be applied to the back edge of the LeafGuard system to minimize forming of ice dams. Even with the optional cables, one may still see some icicles on the nose of the LeafGuard system. This will not harm your LeafGuard gutters thanks to our patented bracketing system.

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